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A username and password are required to download these files.  To obtain your login information please contact our office at (800) 755-8272

Latest ACS software - Version 4.6.0.XX Download Size
ACS-100 Installer (v4.6.0.41) 17.9 MB
ACS-200 Installer (v4.6.0.41) 17.9 MB
ACS-600 Installer (v4.6.0.41) 17.9 MB
Software Change Log 25 KB

Drivers - Required for system operation Download Size
USB Data Acquisition Module Device Drivers 124 MB
Microsoft Access Database Engine 56.3 MB

Drivers - Optional Download Size
Grason Stadler GSI-39 USB drivers v5.2.2 3.3 MB
Siemens Unity 2 Drivers 4.3 MB
VC++ 2008 Runtime Components (required for the Interacoustics AD629, AD226, Audiostar Pro, Callisto,Titan,Affinity,Equinox and Siemens Unity2) 1.8 MB
VC++ 2012 Runtime Components (required for the Inventis Bell/Piano/Harp/Piccolo, Maico MA-25/27, Interacoustics AS608 and Colson K20 audiometers) 6.4 MB