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Product Overview

The ACS is an accurate and efficient system for calibrating audiometers.  The system provides the ability to precisely calibrate your audiometer or tympanometer quickly and easily.

The software works in conjunction with a high precision data acquisition module, interface box, microphone, and associated couplers and meets both ANSI S3.6 and IEC 60645 specificationsYour computer connects to the measurement system via a USB cable and performs highly accurate acoustic and electrical tests.

You can calibrate manually (but still with minimal interaction) or fully automatic.  In the manual mode the program prompts you to set the frequency, channel and test level and then performs the measurement, pauses to allow you to adjust the level and captures and plots the data.  In the automatic mode the ACS takes control of the audiometer via serial or USB connection, sets up the audiometer for each test point, measures the data and then optionally adjusts the value to the calibration standard. 

A wide variety of audiometer makes and models are supported (click here for a list) but you can also specify a "User Defined Audiometer".  All test parameters are fully adjustable and can be saved and loaded from configuration files as needed.

Detailed test results in both tabular and plot form are stored and can be printed if desired.  A "Calibration Certificate" containing a condensed listing of all tests results, audiometer and transducer serial numbers, microphone, mastoid and coupler details, and calibration standards can be printed and given to the customer (click here for a sample calibration certificate).